Thursday, February 17

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After a long break I'm blogging again. I don't know if anyone is actually reading this but I consider this blog a kind of "reminder" for myself - where I can look up what happened in February 2005 several years later; hopefully my blog will still exist at this time. :-)

These days I've been sick and thus had time to update my website: Tiny Red Penguins
I will try migrating my old website (purely written in HTML 4.0) to a new system (XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0) and want to maintain a Forum together with my girlfriend, Gerti. She lives in Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia, and is currently attending a C++ programming lecture. Her lessons are blogged on my site, so that I can learn with her.

Appart from that I've done some research: 1. on the situation of asylum seekers and immigrants in Austria for an article for the next issue of Vorwaerts (paper of the SLP) and 2. on Free Software solutions for media streaming through the internet, and put it on my wiki.

Next tuesday is the Linuxday 2005 in Klagenfurt, which I wanted to attend. Although I would like to visit Gerti every weekend, it's too expensive, so I don't know if I will go. There is a workshop on grml, a bootable GNU/Linux Live-CD for geeks, which I have been testing.

I have decided to read more blogs and feeds, although I had to realize that this costs a lot of time - but it enables me to directly get interesting information for which I otherwise had to search a lot. Right now for example I got news from Creative Commons that Microsoft is running a site licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which only requires that "you must give the original author credit". Read the full article here:

Because of problems with my cable provider and their new cable modems I did not have internet for a while. Unfortunatly, I therefore couldn't read my mails. Amongst other "victims" of this "technical failure" there is my sister who is in Cali, Colombia at the moment and whose emails I could not reply. She now has a boyfriend and just started studying at the "Universidad del Valle" last week. I hope she is doing fine.

Finally, I have been reading a lot on the history of the Committe for a Workers' International and it's British section in the last days. I will post some links tomorow, as it's quite late now and I should get some sleep. I will also be working on my home-network and hopefully wipe-out some old PCs... ;-)


a h m a d said...

I just visited your blog. It is interesting. I also agree that "blogging" helps a person keep track of his "life". I think that many people might pass across your blog, few might consider leaving comments.

I am also a believer in GNU, however, I am forced to use M$ products. Hopefully, I will be able to find a way out... :)

redtux said...

hi ahmad!

cool, you're the first person who used this function. *smile* my friends prefer to talk with me in person or chat with me on the IRC or instant messenger and the others probably are too shy... :-)

i'm glad that you visited my blog and hope you enjoyed reading it and did add it to you feed reader. :-D

everybody else out there reading my blog: don't hesitate to write me!!! ;-)

a h m a d said...

Hi redtux,

If no one comments doesn't mean that they are not reading it!

Plus, to get people to find you, consider commenting in other blogs, especially like-minded blogs.