Tuesday, March 1

Status of Debian Sarge

Some considerations on the present status of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 "Sarge"
Update: just realized that this mail-to-blogger stuff works - the mail was posted 2 days after having sent the mail. *lol* styles you implement by using html-tags are kept but line-wraping looks weird. the blogger-software seems to generate a p class="mobile-post" tag - which doesn't seem to have any effect on the posting's design...
as i don't want to spam your feed reader too much, i've just deleted the post - as the article has been already posted on sunday night.

wordpress bug fixed!
finally, mika's blog is decoding correctly and could be successfully added to planet redtux.org - congrats, mika! :-)

redtux.org :: main

redtux.org :: main updated!

as you might know i've been working on the design of my site for quite a while now. as i've always been quite unhappy with my old site, i did decide not to work with migrating to a new webdesign until everything works perferctly but instead starting to publish my wiki, a transitional forum, a gallery and my planet NNTP (RSS, Atom etc.) online-reader. finally, i decided to put online my experiments with CSS and XHTML for my main website. thus, you can have a look at it and tell me here on my blog what you think of it. comments, criticisms and reports of proper experiences are always welcome. right now there are only 3 sites finished but after i've installed WML (this afternoon) changing all the old content to the proposed design shouldn't be much of work.

oscar as boring as every year!

sunday night i've been watching the presentation of the acadamy awards on TV. yesterday night they've been repeting it on Austrian TV. apart from the fact that i rarely go to the cinema and therefore didn't know most of the films, i must say that the show has been as boring as this year's Opern Ball. the bourgeoisie should really invent something new to raise its image and distract the working class from its growing exploitation.
antonio banderas is a really bad singer and also beyonce has already been better, not to mention carlos santana. that yo-yo ma has been playing to the homenage for ronald reagan (and the other artists who died last year) in my eyes really has no excuse! the most annoying thing to me was that the bandolero clint eastwood was treated like a king. nevertheless, there are still good movies. tonight - at my father's birthday (february 29) - i've been watching Accordeon Tribe with my parents and can only recommend it.

Monday, February 28

Status of Debian Sarge

Some considerations on the present status of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 "Sarge"

while writing down my experiences with installing sarge on a laptop and my thoughts on the project status of debian, more and more came into my mind and the posting became kind of article. as it's not the sense of a blog or diary to write that long postings, i have moved it here. sorry for the inconvenience!

From the previous posting:
ps: this is the first time i'm using the "Mail-to-Blogger" system, so please cut me some slack if formatting is messed
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posting to my blog by just sending a mail would be really cool - unfortunatly, it didn't work! :-(