Wednesday, February 23

Tiny Red Penguins :: Mozilla Firefox

Tiny Red Penguins :: Mozilla Firefox
as many friends have problems configuring stuff and have questions that seem quite obvious to me, i decided to "log" each time i configure something on my system in order to create small and simple HOWTOs and thus making use of my wiki. the first such article in on Firefox. i've been rarely using Mozilla because it was quite slow on my old PCs; like StarOffice (now OpenOffice) it did eat lot of valid system ressources i wanted to reserve for other stuff. although Firefox still crashes sometimes, it seems that the Mozilla Project has advanced pretty much - on there site they claim to finally take up Microsofts broken Internet Explorer. however, i've been playing with it a bit and will also post some screenshots within the next days.

Silly Questions
while configuring blogger, i notice there was a random question on the bottom of the profile settings. i guess it should make my blog a fun place. although i didn't consider it so fun, i'll post it here - in case it makes some readers laugh. :-)

Q: If there is no I in team, why is there meat?
A: The meaning of the word (semantics) may include an "I" - but if you just look at the set of letters, you get meat when reading team from behind... ;-)

RedTux @ night
tonight i've been playing a bit with the planetplanet software, with the Pivot Weblog software (which didn't let me create an account *smile*) and with CUPS. i recently got an old DEClaser 1152 Laserprinter and finally have set it up for my network. all i had to do was to download the dc1152f1.ppd driver from Adobe and register it.
$ sudo lpadmin -p DEClaser1152 -E -p dc1152f1.ppd.gz -v parallel:/dev/lp0
today i'll post an article on how to install a network printer and make it work under Windows. but not now, as it's already 8:55 in the morning and i need some sleep! :-D

more news within some hours.

ps: there are new comics on - just for you! go and read! ;-)
apart from that i've added hackergotchi-faces and my favicon.