Sunday, May 16

Free Software for Free People!

Last sunday I've been dancing at a Cuban bar called Floridita with two friends of mine after having spent a boring evening at Paddy O'Brien's, where most of the people are about 15 years old. :) I did really need to chill a bit after some hard days of manifestations and events! ;) However, it was cool to see that Hacktivism is growing here in Austria.

On wednesday I did participate at the manifestation against software idea patents here in Vienna; together with Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement and the GNU Operating System, we expressed our discontent with the decision of the Council of Ministers to introduce software idea patents in the European Union. Fotos of the event can be found at: - Please join us fighting software idea patents in the EU!

After the manifestation we went to a pub where I met an activist who invited me to drive with him to the opening of the GNU/Linux days in the city of Linz. Here we spent the whole day. RMS hold two interesting speeches on Free Software and the threat of software idea patents in the EU and transformed himself into Saint IGNUsius, of the Church of Emacs. Thursday evening we went to the restaurant of the Rosa Lila Villa where I haven't been for years.

Friday I spent the whole day at this guy's place trying to install Debian GNU/Linux on his Laptop. As the Knoppix distribution of the GNU/Linux Operating System has a good hardware recognition and as he was already working with this Live-CD Operating System I decided to use it as installation base. Unfortunately, we faced several problems while installing the system on the harddisk and fine-tuning it, although it worked without any problems (but a little bit slow) while running from CD. Well, after this stressing day I went to my friends at quintessenz at the evening, where I agreed to help out at the JUX project - a Knoppix variant particularly made for youth.

Wow, I've been so busy these days that it took me three days to write this brief blog-entry. :) Next time I'll speed up a bit, I promise... *smiling*