Sunday, February 8

redtux is back


Hi folks!

I finally found some time (and motivation) to do some work on my site. As you know, it's all work in progress, but I have now scanned some pictures and am working on some help for Windows users to use Free Software. I noticed that most people come here through a GNU/Linux operating system, which means that I couldn't attract the majority of those guys and girls out there who _really_ need some help. *smile*

Apart from that I am working on my quasi network - setting up some very old (80486 etc.) PC's for different purposes (playing CD's and ogg vorbis files, a terminal just for surfing, another one for SSH sessions, one for running screensavers all the time :) and so on). If you have any ideas, just mail me. I have totally nine PC's available (at least) and enough disk space, but a small amount of memory (RAM) and pretty bad video cards (donations are welcome *lol*).

This Blog Entry is being written in the GNOME Blog Poster (gnome-blog) - I can really recommend this handy tool. If you don't like GNOME (for what reason ever) try a similar programm; it's really worth, as you don't have to open your webbrowser every time you want to post something. (Okay, it didn't work; had to go to - but next time it will work for sure - at least I hope so. *g*)

NB: I am also running a Blog at (Jabber) - who knows if I'll manage to have a technical log book beside my personal weblog some day. :)

carpe diem,