Saturday, February 19

redtux :: blog

Migrating from blogger?! Actually, I am looking for a blog I can host directly on my site. In the last days I have been working a lot on my website. Playing with themes can make a lot of fun but I still have to learn cascading style sheets and XHTML better.

I have also set up some new sites, amongst them :: planet, :: gallery and :: calendar. The calendar is based on pal; the index.html is regularly updated by a cron job and the style stil needs some hacking.

I also have created an account at LiveJournal (unfortunately, the nick redtux was already taken by someone else) and have been playing arount with virtual hosts redirect in the Apache Webserver. Now, I've got and running. Although the VHost doesn't work yet, I'll try to finish this tonight.

Now I go to bed! ;-)

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